Features you need for a successful payroll platform!

NG is powered by a SQL database which makes creating outside reporting and interfaces so much easier. We don’t lock you out of your database like others. Some of the top features are included:

• Powerful Payroll Entry
• Customized Invoice Formats
• Workers' Comp Reporting
• Benefit/Deduction Reporting
• General Ledger
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Check Writer
• Gross-to-Net Reporting
• Profitability Reporting

Additional information on our product is below or click here to view a video presentation!

Benefits to You and Your Clients
Enhance Client Service
Improve Loss Control
Cut Administrative Costs
Customize Client Invoices
Invoice formats are setup by you and assigned to a client. This gives you the flexibility to customize client invoices.
Customized Client Departments
Client departments are defined by you. Customize NG, not your clients!
No Count Limitations
NG supports an unlimited amount of employees, clients, leasing companies, Workers' Compensation policies and benefits.
Unlimited Tax Agencies
NG supports an unlimited number of city, state and local taxes.
Automatic Arrears
Special payments codes can be used to process benefits for employees that don't work, allowing you to bill the employer or deduct out of the next pay check.
Flexible Time Off Accruals
NG will accrue sick, vacation, personal and holiday hours as well as give you the flexibility to pay these hours at a different pay rate.
All Employee Types
NG supports leased, payroll service, temporary and your administrative employees. Expand your services with one software package!
Benefits to You and Your Clients
Enhance Client Service
Improve Loss Control
Cut Administrative Costs
Multi Depts, Jobs, WC Class, States
With NG, you can pay employees working in multiple departments, jobs, W/C classes and multiple states.
Automatic/Flexible Reporting
NG will automatically print a specified set of reports after check printing. You can also print these reports to a separate printer or have them emailed.
Highly Granular User Security
NG has over 160 security levels so no more mistakes due to individuals with improper security.
Automatic A/P Checks
NG supports automatic printing of cutbacks checks for specified benefits/deductions.
Laser Checks on Blank Stock
NG supports laser printed checks with the scan line, allowing for a single supply of check stock. We can print logos and signatures, too.
Flexible Direct Deposit Options
NG supports ACH direct deposit of employees' net pay, savings accounts, client payments and benefit payments.